Amazon Home Decor Finds

Amazon Home Decor Finds

Hi friends! I have never done an Amazon finds list like this before so bear with me.

I have been scouring Amazon lately and have found so many great things for my home. Most of these things are either in my home or in my cart. And I’ve found some awesome dupes for items in my home that are no longer availble on Amazon.

Everyone knows that these days, getting out of the house to go shopping for just about anything isn’t always the best experience. Between the face masks, never knowing if you’re near someone who’s sick or not, and just having the stress of the abnormalcy of the world isnt very fun in my opinion. Therefore, my Amazon addiction has only grown larger and my husbands patience has grown thinner… But hey, treat yourself!

This Amazon shopping list for home decor items is a list of items that have just really saved my sanity lately. And the best part? They’re all so budget-friendly! The boho chic look is probably one of my favorite trends to exist in the history of ever, so hopefully it helps you out as well.

First things first, Retro Industrial Storage Cabinet

This cabinet makes a great coffee station, while also being able to store your coffee cups and supplies right underneath where the coffee maker will sit. It’s beyond convenient! I’ve recently thought about changing the drawer and cabinet handled to a brushed brass color to better fit my color scheme. But regardless, having this as a coffee station has been a complete game-changer for my family and I; it has provided us with so much more counter space on our kitchen island. I cannot praise this cabinet enough!

Next on the list is the Rose Gold and White Chic Canisters Set

If you thought you’d make it through one of our blog posts without us mentioning anything rose gold, boy, were you mistaken! I’ll probably end up telling you everything on this list was a perfect purchase, but when I tell you these canisters are perfect I mean, they are perfect!

The Canister set does come pre-labeled so if you’re wanting them to be used for items other than coffee, tea, or sugar then you could always face the words away from being visible. When it came to my coffee station I had envisioned, these were seriously a hidden treasure when I came across them on Amazon. And the price? Unbeatable.

My next obsession is this Faux Leather Collapsable Storage Bench/Ottoman

Be honest, do you make your bed every day? I’m talking full-on bed making. Decorative pillows, your pillow sham pillows, sheets tucked and pulled wrinkle free, you know… all the fancy things. If you do, do not get offended on why I bought this item.

The reason i bought this item,is because like many moms, i run out the door each morning with my coffee and breakfast togo while making sure I get the kids out of the door in time for school. And I maybe press snooze a few times too many on occasion. Therefore, I do the bare minimum with my bed each morning and that involved pulling the covers back and standing the pillows up to look “nice”.

That’s when this storage ottoman comes into the picture, I bought this because without making my bed, my throw pillows and blankets have remained in a stack next to my nightstand. And I finally just said “enough with the clutter” and gave my throw pillows a more concealed yet decorative place to be stored when they aren’t being used for what they’re meant for. It’s cheap, looks nicer than a massive mountain of pillows, and its budget-friendly (under $40!). Score!

This Boho Fringe Layering Doormat was the perfect touch for my front porch!

This doormat is perfect for indoor or outdoor, but I used it to layer under my front porch welcome mat. At first, I was unsure of the layering trend, I just didnt see the point in it. It seemed like a waste of a rug and a waste of money. But the more I saw it, the more obsessed I became with the way it looked.

Thats what decorations are all about anyway! They exist because we like them, we don’t neccessarily need them, but we all want them. This is one of those things, did I need it? Absolutely not. Does it make me happy? 100% yes.

I wanted to do a layered rug that isn’t the traditional buffalo plaid doormat, and I wanted something to give off my boho style and the fringe on this rug does just that! It adds so much more life to your front porch and really makes your front door stand out, especially if you have a colored front door like I do! This gem is mashine washable and is only $15!

Lets talk Decorative Books like this one

Decorative books are an interesting new trend. Not a reader? perfect, these were made for you! There are plenty of D.I.Y ways to create your own decorative books from old dictionaries or book you may just have sitting around your house. They look so modern, chic, and best of all? They make it look like you actually read.

Artificial Snake Plants like this one really help liven up any space in your home

Im a huge fan of indoor plants. This one specifically is one of my favorites, the plant stand is a beautiful touch and the size of it is perfect for side tables, end tables, or even for a moder-look dining table centerpeice. The unfinished wood on the plant stand truly enhances any boho chic look you’re going for.

Beaded Garland Decor has become an obession of mine

This garland really throws me back to high school days when we had the hanging bead curtains in front of our bedroom doors but in a more toned-down, less tangled-up way. These can be added to your fireplace mantle, to a tiered table centerpiece for a nice shabby rustic or boho look. I ended up using mine by hot gluing them to a knitting ring and making a little DIY Wreath that I found on Pinterest!

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