The Rim

What are you doing if you aren’t supporting your local businesses? 🤔⁠ THE RIM is located on 295 E Renfro St in Burleson, Texas.⁠ The atmosphere here is unlike any other! 🤩 They have amazing drinks, a FOOD TRUCK, good music, and even better staff! If you are thinking about going here for brunch (which … Continued

How to Pick Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to Pick Kitchen Cabinet Hardware  I think of kitchen cabinet hardware as jewelry for the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, our cabinets are stunning on their own. But with hardware? Totally new level. So let’s dig into how to pick kitchen cabinet hardware and why each of these tips make sense: Decide on a … Continued

Amazon Under $50

You guys asked, and we delivered! This list is lengthier than our first Amazon decor list, so we’ll try to keep our talking to a minimum while showing you all of our amazing finds! A few of the items on this list, we personally have in our homes and they are very versatile. A few … Continued

Amazon Home Decor Finds

Hi friends! I have never done an Amazon finds list like this before so bear with me. I have been scouring Amazon lately and have found so many great things for my home. Most of these things are either in my home or in my cart. And I’ve found some awesome dupes for items in … Continued

Living Room Lighting Tips

IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR LIVING ROOM LIGHTS! Tired of not being able to see what you’re doing? Old out-dated light fixtures that look ancient or plain ugly? You’ve got some lighting but it’s still not bright enough to read a book? Or your rooms just don’t have enough lighting fixtures built-in? You shouldn’t have to suffer in the … Continued

Burleson TX Ellison St Development

Why is Burleson TX participating in this project? For the past 20 years, the city has been focusing on placemaking in Old Town Burleson TX. In January 2000, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan including a portion on encouraging public and private economic incentives for the re-development of Old Town. One element of the Imagine Burleson … Continued