DIY Board and Batten Tutorial

DIY Board and Batten Tutorial

Materials Needed:

– Wood

– Saw

– Tape measure

– Level

– Liquid Nails

– Nail gun/Nails

– Caulk/Caulk gun

– Wood filler and Putty knife

– Sander

– Paint/brushes/roller

  • We lined up our 1×4 vertical boards where we wanted them (we had these cut in half from 8ft 1×4’s at Home Depot, so each vertical board measures 4ft), and figured out which spacing would look best. We spaced out each vertical board 15 inches apart and used liquid nails on the back of each board and our nail gun again on the front to attach them. Make sure each board is flush to the horizontal 1×2 on the bottom, and use your level to make sure they are straight.
  • Once you have all of the vertical 1×4’s complete, you can attach the top horizontal 1×4. We did have a few gaps since all wood isn’t its exact measure, but I just filled that in with wood filler.
  • After all the boards were attached, we used wood filler to fill in all the nail holes, and any gaps in where the wood meets each other. Once it was completely dry, we used a sander to sand it down.
  • We used paintable caulk on each space where the board met the wall so it would look flawless when we painted it.

After everything was filled in and cleaned up, we taped off the board and batten and was ready to paint. I highly recommend using a regular paintbrush to cut into all the corners, then use a small roller to fill in all the rest.

I am pretty much in love with the KILZ Magnolia Paint right now, so I decided to use KILZ Magnolia Home True White in a Satin finish. Love this paint!

Once your paint is all dry and finished, remove the tape and enjoy, because it really does make a world of a difference in your space!

This little update truly changed the look of this entire space and I am so so glad we finished it!

What do you think? Have you added something like this to your home? Or do you plan to? Let me know!

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