We’ve been LOVING TikTok recently because there are a ton of DIYs and How-To videos that we really love learning and sharing. But the beauty of TikTok can also be its downfall since the videos move too fast to actually understand how to make something! Knowing this, we took some TikTok DIYs and made them ourselves, with all of the measurements and instructions on how to do it here on our blog.

credit  @baileymarshall

The DIY we’re taking on today is this industrial IKEA hacked giant mirror from @itsbaileymarshall on TikTok that is such a great addition to our office! Check out how to make it below.
Two sheets of plywood
Three 2” x 4” pieces of wood
Eleven pieces of trim wood (ours were 7/16” x 11/16” x 8’)
Nine packs of IKEA LOTS mirrors
First, you’ll need to cut your two plywood sheets so that they can make one large sheet. Cut the first to 4’ long x 5.3’ wide and the second to 3.4’ long x 5.3’ wide.
Then, cut your 2” x 4” support beams to 7 feet, which will add support to the entire base so that your mirror is not wobbly. Screw these along the back of both sheets lengthwise about a foot in from the edge of the sheet to connect them together.


Cut another smaller 2” x 4” piece to 3 feet and screw over the horizontal seam where the plywood boards meet on the back. Fully assembled, you’ll want your entire base to be 7.4’ tall x 5.3’ wide. Now it’s time to add the trim!

Start by cutting two pieces of trim to 5.3 feet, which will be the top and bottom pieces of your border. Then cut six pieces to 7.3 feet long which will be your vertical pieces for the grid. Finally, cut 30 small trim pieces to be the horizontal inserts at 11.8 inches, or 30cm, long each. 

Now use some wood glue and a nail gun to nail in all of your grid pieces. Start with the top and bottom pieces along the borders, then add the vertical pieces, and lastly do the horizontal inserts. Each vertical piece should be evenly spaced at 11.8” starting from your two outside border pieces, so that the mirrors and horizontal trim will fit between snugly. You can also lay out your mirrors on the grid to get a better visual on how to make it fit just right!

Once your base is completely assembled, it’s time to paint this baby. We painted it a deep green colour using spray paint, ensuring to prime it with white first, but you can use any colour that fits your space! 
TikTok DIYs-10.jpg

Once your base is dry, use the sticky tape that comes with the IKEA mirrors to stick each mirror into place, or you can use Mirror Mastic glue to to do this as well. Once they’re all secure, just move your mirror into place and admire this awesome IKEA hack DIY!

TikTok DIYs-31_photoshop__.jpg
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