Winterizing your home in Texas

Winterizing your home in Texas

Preparing your home for the winter in Texas might look a little different than northern states. However, even though Texas does not get super harsh winters, it is still important to prep your home for the cold to reduce the risk of costly damages. Below I am going to share with you a few of the most important steps when prepping your home for Texas weather! Let’s keep the cold out and the heat in!

Sealing your doorways and windows with these insulating strips, will help protect your home against losing heat and will help you stay warm in the winter months. It can be done around all exterior doors and windows, especially doors that lead into garages and attics. For more insulation you can add more than just one strip.

This is extremely important because of the amount of damage it can do to your home. Once it’s frozen, the water from the melted snow will have nowhere to go. Instead, ice dams may form, causing water to seep through your roof. With that being said, your gutters were not designed to accommodate this additional weight, which can result in gutters tearing, pulling away from the home, and costing you a lot of repairs!

For obvious reasons, it is important to check your heating system. By doing so you will lessen the chance of something breaking or leaking during the time you need it most. It’s also more cost effective to get your heater checked before the winter so you can avoid discomfort and heating costs.

Faucet covers work by trapping heat that naturally radiates through the interior pipes to the outdoor spigot. The insulated cover prevents this radiated heat from escaping and therefore prevents water in the faucet from freezing, expanding, and rupturing the pipes.

Caulking around your windows will keep away the cold draft from entering your home. Even the smallest areas that airflow can get through (like windows), are important to seal for extra heat. You may also want to caulk around any other small crevices to reduce the cold.

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