The Cassie Spears Team Goes Local

The Cassie Spears Team is a Burleson, TX local business that was originated in Burleson, TX, and loves to support and benefit our locally owned and operated businesses by promoting a new one each week. We personally visit these places (sometimes multiple times a week) to get to know our growing community and to create lasting friendships with owners, workers, and even regulars of some of these places. This keeps our business involved in the Burleson, TX community and our promotions help encourage other members of the community to do the same.

We are die-hard fans of all things Burleson TX, Joshua TX, Crowley TX, and DFW TX. Our team is constantly venturing out to newly opened or discovered small businesses to show them support. The main purpose of this page is to add insight into what locally owned and operated shops, eateries, bakeries, gyms, services, etc. are thriving off of the support from our community.

We highlight these local businesses each week on our Instagram, Facebook, and Google accounts as well! So if you don’t already, give us a follow/like/share on our social platforms as well!

As always,

Shop small, shop local, and love your community.